034: Finishing Strong (Cody Schimelpfenig)

034: Finishing Strong (Cody Schimelpfenig)

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Cody “Buck”Schimelpfenig is husband of 14 years and father of three. With a vast diversity of experience in biology, education, juvenile correction, youth ministry, construction and community development, he lives with passion to finish strong.

— Are you finishing strong (living with commitment) in all areas of your life?
— What does it mean to “be present” in your kids’ lives?
— Do you have a willingness to be vulnerable in the places you need help?

In this interview:
— Depression and Anxiety
— Kids are a mirror to your strengths and weaknesses
— The power of “I’m sorry”
— Praying that your kids would be friends
— Pulling emotions out of our kids
— Learning to re-calibrate expectations


Connected Families:
— Their parenting framework:
— Father Richard Rohr “Five Hard Truths that will Set you Free” (this is a summary by a priest of much of what Rohr wrote in his book Adam’s Return)
— Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation (Parker J. Palmer)
— The Power of Purpose: Find Meaning, Live Longer, Better (Richard J. Leider)
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Peter & Geri Scazerro)

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