10 Giveaways In 10 Weeks

Book Giveaway!!! Top 10 dadAWESOME Books over the next 10 weeks…
In 38 weeks of the dadAWESOME Podcast, we’ve gathered well over 100 resource recommendations from our guests on the podcast. We’ve narrowed down the list to our TOP 10 dadAWESOME Books and we’ll be announcing a winner every Sunday through Christmas.
  • Why the Giveaway? We just launched dadAWESOME officially in the Apple Podcast Directoryand we need REVIEWS (5-Stars + Awesome Reviews Please). The more reviews we gather the more Apple will suggest dadAWESOME to other dads.
  • Who Can Enter To Win? Anyone. Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Future Parents 🙂
  • How Do I Qualify To Win? Simply submit a review on the Apple Podcast or Stitcher (Android Friends).
  • REQUIRED: to be officially entered in the weekly drawings, please take a screenshot of your review and email it to da@dadawesome.org (the reviews often don’t display your name and contact information and we need to know who you are in order to declare you the winner and ship you your book of choice).
  • When are Winners Chosen? Every Sunday and if you submit a review soon, your name will be in the drawing every week until Christmas or until you win.
  • Can I Choose My Book? Winners will get to choose their book from our Top 10 List and you can also choose your format  (Paper, Kindle, Audible)

How To Leave A Rating & Review On Apple Podcast

Leaving a rating and review supports dadAWESOME by improving our rankings in iTunes which will help more listeners find us…

Step 1. Click The Purple “DadAWESOME – Date Of Podcast” Link Right In The Center Of The Screen (From The Episode  Listening Screen)

Step 2: Scroll Down To The Ratings & Reviews Section

Step 3: Click The Purple “Write A Review” Link Right Above The “You Might Also Like” Header

Step 4: Tap 1–5 Stars To Leave A Rating

Step 5: Write A Title

Step 6: Click On Description And Write A Short Blurb

Step 7: Click Send

Thank you so much!!!!!!!