158 | Dad Life with a Demonstration of God’s Power + Celebrating 3 Years of dadAWESOME

158 | Dad Life with a Demonstration of God’s Power + Celebrating 3 Years of dadAWESOME

dadAWESOME episode 158 three years


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Jeff Zaugg

Jeff and Michelle Zaugg will celebrate 15 years of marriage this year. They live in New Brighton, MN with their 3 young daughters and they are expecting their 4th baby in Spring 2021. After 10-years of entrepreneurial non-profit ministry leadership, Jeff served as a pastor at Substance Church in the Twin Cities for the past 7 years. In Fall 2020 Jeff took the leap and went full-time fatherhood ministry. He is the founder and lead cheerleader at dadAWESOME & FATHERS FOR THE FATHERLESS. When he’s not wrestling or playing hide and seek with his daughters, you might find Jeff out for a bike ride, making a pour over coffee, sitting by a fire with his wife or challenging some friends to a game of Spikeball.

Celebrating Three Years of dadAWESOME:

Conversation Notes:

  • Full Interview with Jeff Zaugg on the Bethel University Alumni Podcast (Apple Podcast & Spotify)
  • 10:09 – Time hop of post-college career path
  • 10:27 – YouthWorks, pastoring, kids pastoring, dadAWESOME
  • 12:34 – Describing the work of dadAWESOME and Fathers for the Fatherless
  • 13:17 – Malachi 4:6 – He will turn the hearts of the fathers toward their children and the hearts of children to their fathers.
  • 13:41 – The promise that fuels the passion in dadAWESOME – Deuteronomy 30:19 – I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.
  • 16:40 – The LIFE framework: I am Loved. I am Intentional. I am Free. I am Engaged.
  • 17:28 – Fathers for the Fatherless events for Summer 2021
  • 19:05 – “I think every entrepreneur, they find a pain point and you try to meet a need to correct that pain in some way you want to alleviate a pain.”
  • 19:49 – Publishing Episode 101 right after his dad went to heaven.
  • 20:07 – Pain fuels passion.
  • 21:16 – Being planted in the local church was a huge part of God seeding the vision for DA.
  • 22:13 – Runs and Rides lead to Resources which lead to Retreats.
  • 25:43 – How has God met you in the wilderness seasons? Expecting every 3-5 yrs a major life crisis will come my way.
  • 26:28 – Wilderness Fellowship 
  • 26:50 – Finding brotherhood
  • 27:24 – Freedom heart work
  • 29:54 – Imagine Beautiful – marriage ministry
  • 32:27 – “If you want to get shiny eyes for the current season, if you want to be at a spot, living in your passion, help other people around you get shiny eyes”

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Full Transcript:

Jennifer Scott (08:59):

Where would you typically find yourself at 6:00 PM on any given Tuesday night?

Jeff Zaugg (09:04):

I love it. It’s a great question. And, today is Tuesday as we record this. So it’s easy to think about this question is just like a couple hours from now. But, Tuesday nights, my wife and I host a small group or doing it over zoom right now for our church called freedom around just God doing kind of some inner work on our hearts and helping us not carry baggage forward and experiencing God’s best in his freedom. So because of that, we have a pretty rigid Tuesday night schedule where our dinner we’re eating dinner by six, for sure. And our three little girls need to be asleep for us to host this small group. So, that’s really what we’re doing is we’re having family dinner, but a little more rigid on timing so we can get them to bed by 7:30. So we can host our small group at eight o’clock on Tuesdays.

Jennifer Scott (09:42):

That is impressive. How old are your kids?

Jeff Zaugg (09:44):

So I’ve got seven, four and two. And then like you said, that baby on the way. So I got three little girls.

Jennifer Scott (09:50):

You are like 7:30 PM. Every parent listening right now is like, um, writing your name down to check out how you guys do that. That’s impressive.

Jeff Zaugg (09:59):

That’s funny, because half of our small group which is like 30 or 40 people on Freedom, they’ve seen our little girls and know that there’s been fails to that routine where they’ve been awake still. So, not a guarantee.

Jennifer Scott (10:09):

So take me on a time hop of your post-college career jumps for, you know, every three to five years. Give me a little snap between graduation in 2004 to today.

Jeff Zaugg (10:20):

Yeah, that’s a fun question. Time hop for me was full-time staff for this nonprofit, a multi-denominational ministry that serves churches all around the country – Youth Works. I was in their call center, so it was a marketing job technically, but it was a call center talking to hilarious youth pastors. And but a part of it was like collecting payments and just, it was a pretty repetitive job. So it actually, it didn’t fire me up. I wasn’t like super passionate, but I loved the ministry. So, that was step one. I was dating my wife, Michelle at that time. So we were just dating. You jump forward four or five years to kind of 2009. I was married at that point for three years, living in New Brighton, as you mentioned, just two miles, away from Bethel here. At that point we’d launched a new division of the company, a research and development team, that launched new enterprising ministry.

Jeff Zaugg (11:04):

So highly entrepreneurial, where we took the surplus from all these mission trips, 40,000 kids on mission trips, the surplus, and infused it into new ministries that serve local churches. So it was like a think tank, VC fund funding ministries that serve churches. And I got to do that and launched like five or six different ministries over, over those years. So that was kind of the second chapter of my kind of career. The third chapter was 2013. So if you have time hop again at that point, my first daughter was born. She was born, she’s now seven. So seven years ago. I became the kids’ pastor at our church by very first Sunday. I actually am sorry. I was the campus pastors / small groups pastor to start with. I became a pastor and, my first Sunday I missed cause my daughter was born. So I know exactly how long I was a pastor based on her age because she disrupted me making it to church my first Sunday as a pastor.

Jeff Zaugg (11:48):

So, if you fast forward five more years, 2018, that’s when we started dadAWESOME. This fatherhood ministry while I was the Kids’ pastor at our church. So at that point, my third daughter was born. So if you time hop, you got three girls now. And, I’m a kids pastor and I started this fatherhood ministry and then fast forward the last kind of couple of years, I just two months ago jumped out of full-time ministry for the local church into full-time fatherhood ministry. So to kind of time hop forward, and now we’re expecting our fourth. So kids and career jumps each time hop, but I love that question.

Jennifer Scott (12:19):

I love that. And I love that there are some consistent things. So some things that are wired in you, creativeness and ministry and others and kids. So tell me more about the work of dadAWESOME and Fathers for the Fatherless.

Jeff Zaugg (12:34):

It came down to a conversation almost three years ago where a buddy was like, how do you stay intentional as a dad? And I realized at that point I was an intentional dad, but I wasn’t being mentored specifically reading books, specifically listening to podcasts. I wasn’t in any small groups around fatherhood, I was kind of growing, but I was putting more intentionality of growth in areas of leadership, in areas of ministry and just other areas, not fatherhood ministry. So I started researching, how can I learn more? And I found actually that local churches, like the one I was leading, and there weren’t that many ministries helping the local church do fatherhood ministry. Here I am dedicating babies, praying over these dads, these rookie dads. And I had nothing to give them as far as the pathway to intentional fatherhood.

Jeff Zaugg (13:15):

And, I found this the very last verse in the old Testament. So Malachai 4:6 -“He will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers.” And I realized man, through intentionality and through, in this case, it was launching a podcast, a daily text message curriculum, challenges for dads. I was able to be a cheerleader to help dads take this role more seriously. And I I’m so thankful. I mean, I have so much to learn. I’m still learning like crazy, but Deuteronomy 30:19 promises that, “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses, now choose life so that you and your children may live.” So the promise that really fuels all the passion for dadAWESOME, is that we can choose life as a dad and that choice affects our kids and our kids’ kids that ripple effect out.

Jeff Zaugg (14:01):

So we have these, these short 18 years with kids in our house, most of us, and most of us can land at a place of survival as young dads. And I am just trying to champion, trying to cheer on and resource the local church to help dads thrive in these years and see that this role is the most important role. And I’m grateful that dad also has grown into, you know, it’s a curriculum, but then we’ve launched Fathers for the Fatherless, this a hundred mile bike ride and inviting dads to do a hard thing. Cause a lot of dads won’t sit in a small group. They won’t even listen to a podcast because there’s a lot of things pulling at their time. But we’ve realized that by inviting them into a bigger mission, helping the fatherless that dads are finding brotherhood and dads are realizing, man, I actually, I’ve had a taste of doing something significant for a good cause.

Jeff Zaugg (14:44):

And in my kids, see my eyes shining brighter and that’s one of our passions is at dad. Awesome. If we can get a dad’s eyes shining, if the twinkle in the dad’s eyes, they know, man, I love this role. I love being a dad. The kids can tell when the dad loves the dad life and uh, and the kids that’s when the heart is open to a deeper connection with their dad is when they’re like, man, my dad loves being my dad. So, it’s actually a lot of simple things. I did realize three and a half years into being a kids pastor, no one was mailing me a brochure or a postcard or any kind of outreach of saying we have a resource to help the dads in your church. So I did realize a void there that no one was reaching to me. And I had, you know, leading a large family ministry, a large church. And, I just wasn’t finding the resources again, an intentional pathway towards helping dads add life to the dad life. So that’s the expressive version of my passion and why I’m all in to this cause.

Jennifer Scott (15:35):

And it does seem, I mean, I’ve been a mom for 21 years as of yesterday. And I do, I spend a lot of time in moms ministries when my kids were little and then just even working in a pastoral role at a church, doing a lot of care for women and moms, but you’re right, that there is this void for dads and dads who even want to do it well. Just fueling and finding new tools to encourage dads is… You’re right.

Jeff Zaugg (16:03):

In all of us, all of us feel inadequate, like all of us. So the idea of is part of it is the gift of me having really little kids that I was able to be a champion, a cheerleader because I, I feel like I had the gift of having less experience. So I was just a curator just interviewing, learning from other people. But, I think Satan wants all of us dads to feel inadequate and to feel like we’re not doing a very good job, then we’re not spurring on other dads to go after it, to be in brotherhood, to be intentional, to be prayerful. And the ripple effect of people feeling inadequate and not being active and not being intentional is a great harm to our kids. So I think we have to, we have to get rid of that. And we’ve created this, this LIFE framework of I am loved. It starts with identity to, I am Intentional, to I am Free the Hebrews 12:1-2 stuff, we can throw this stuff off the stuff that entangles, and then I am Engaged. So we’ve got a framework that helps dads realize none of us are perfect, but man, we can grow in this area and our kids benefit greatly.

Jennifer Scott (16:58):

Okay. When I was just asking you about that, you slipped in this little phrase, a hundred mile bike ride… Do you want to expand on that a little bit.

Jeff Zaugg (17:05):

Yeah. You know, it’s interesting. Most of us have pain in our past most dads experience pain of some sort, either an absent father or a father who maybe brought direct pain or father just didn’t know what they were doing. Cause they weren’t fathered, didn’t have a father that was intentional. So, we all carry pain into the dad life. And what we realized is by adding intentional pain, by inviting dads to do something hard in this case ride a hundred miles in this next year in the Twin Cities, we’re going to do a run on Father’s day, weekend, June 19th, and then the hundred mile ride on August 28th. So we got these two events happening in the Twin Cities and we’re growing. We’re adding about 10 cities around the country where we do these Fathers for the Fatherless events, the run, you don’t have to run all hundred miles. It’s a relay run. So most dads are going to run 12 and a half miles. But we rally dads to do something hard for kids in a hard place, kids without fathers. We rally them to, use their influence, to use their bank account and to raise money and awareness around fatherlessness and in doing so, the dads, they train together, they ride shoulder by shoulder. They sweat, they enter pain and they actually, their hearts break for the fatherless. We pray over these kids in the orphanage that we support and in the women’s shelter here in the twin cities and the gifts – I mean this last year, we raised $104,000 for the fatherless this last year. And our vision is to raise a million dollars next year to rally a thousand dads and to raise a million dollars just this next year through these 12 rides and runs. But we’re inviting dads into this and we find that they go home way more passionate in their fatherhood. They actually, it’s almost better to engage a dad around a cause for somebody else than their cause for their own hearts, but then their heart breaks and they go home and they’re more intentional about praying with their kids and pursuing the hearts of their kids. Cause their heart’s broken for the kids that don’t have dads.

Jennifer Scott (18:46):

Something happens on those roads. Jeff, when I look at your resume and I hear about the work that you’ve done in nonprofits and for-profits, the church world, how would you say that your entrepreneurial spirit helps you? And I guess I would add as an entrepreneur, what kinds of things pull you in? What, what do you kind of go, that’s it I’m, I’m following that lead. Yeah.

Jeff Zaugg (19:05):

You know, I think every entrepreneur, they find a pain point and you try to meet a need to correct that pain in some way you want to alleviate a pain. Well, I think that heartbreak is actually the catalyst for all of my entrepreneurial – all of the things – groups I’ve started, teams I’ve started, missions, ministries I’ve started, has been around heartbreak. I’ve experienced pain in this area and that’s real for, I think every dad, but it’s real for me. There’s great heartbreak, a lot of tears around the fatherhood journey. In fact, my dad, the day after we published episode one, rushed to the hospital, brain cancer and lung cancer. And for a hundred weeks, he was the biggest cheerleader. And God did some amazing things. The first a hundred weeks of dadAWESOME. And almost one year ago, exactly December 19th, he went home to be in heaven.

Jeff Zaugg (19:48):

And it was the day after we published episode 100. So he first hundred weeks of dadAWESOME was me experience experiencing a love from an awesome Heavenly Father and walking out a journey with my dad of going home to heaven, to paradise. And so pain fuels, passion. Pain, absolutely fuels passion. And, that is probably the largest, the way that my entrepreneurial, my heart beats, is around taking pain, and instead of letting it make me toxic or make me go inward, I want to go outward with it. I want to invite and rally others – in this case, dads to do something significant to turn that pain into passion and impact. So

Jennifer Scott (20:24):

That’s a tender story about your dad and thanks for sharing that. Jeff, you began your time in college 20 years ago, and I’m going to guess that you did not have on your vision board, anything like the phrase founder and head cheerleader of dadAWESOME. Anywhere near there. So tell me how you went from the seed of an idea, and as you mentioned that heartbreak, that propelled you to do something into a making of this work, that’s a reality and the livelihood for you.

Jeff Zaugg (20:55):

Yeah. So we’re, we’re only two months into being full-time fatherhood ministry. So we’ll see about the livelihood. No, but it is a risk for our family, for sure. But I did, you know, we’re 150 weeks into a weekly resource, the podcast, a resource dads. So I was able to incubate and test a deep passion while serving as a kids, pastor and campus pastor and serving in the local church. And I actually think plantedness in the local church was a huge part of God’s seeding this vision. And now our church is launching us. They’re saying, you can still be a pastor here. So I’m a volunteer pastor now in my local church, they’re seeding with money and resources. And, so I think planted this in the local church was a part of what allowed this to go without a massive risk because of their seed capital they’re coming in with, and then all the connections, relationships.

Jeff Zaugg (21:41):

And I tested as an entrepreneur, testing that vision without the risk of being all in before you’ve proven some fruitfulness and proven some traction. And then when God brought the idea for the a hundred mile bike ride, that’s the first real tangible, there’s a fee that dads pay $150 or $175 bucks for a ride that includes some resourcing and some event, it’s tangible, and we’re reaching dads at a much wider spectrum versus dadAWESOME curriculum podcast is reaching pretty intentional dads already that want to amplify that intentionality. The ride, that’s when, so we were seeing it as runs and rides lead to resources lead to eventually we’ll do retreats. But I think having something tangible for dads is what allowed me to go from just being a cheerleader, to being a full-time cheerleader. Because I have again, I call it enterprising ministry, a model that will be sustainable after some seed capital. So we are raising money right now to try to the first year, year and a half. But our prayer and what we’ve seen is that I can use some of the entrepreneurial passions and one of the learnings over the years and, and be putting all my time versus the five to 10 hours a week that I did the first two and a half years. So, I’m grateful. And, we’ll see, we’ll see about the livelihood part that you mentioned.

Jennifer Scott (22:49):

Great. Well, you poured into the local church and the local church saw the fruit and now they are being generous in expanding on the ministry that they were doing. So I think that might be New Testament theology. I think multiplication. I could be wrong, but I think my seminary degree did teach me a few things. So how do you, or where do you experience some of the frustrations in leadership and entrepreneurial adventures? I mean, there’ve gotta be some rubbing points where you just like someone come help take this.

Jeff Zaugg (23:17):

Yeah. I mean, my, again, going back to the local church, my lead pastors, pastor Carolyn, pastor Peter Haas, they were gracious with me cause I was an entrepreneur for seven years operating in a large church, adding campuses adding. So my entrepreneurism was a gift, but also, I mean, there’s all kinds of tensions there, right when you’re, when you’re wanting to start the next thing. And the week over week, managements, you know, I had six staff on my team that I’m trying to manage while the entrepreneurial bug is strong and the passion is beating. So, I’d say that is a tension that you have to be aware of and you need to walk out well and plantedness andthe time of being at the church 15 plus years allowed for maybe a little more grace in some of the entrepreneur who’s wanting to charge forward.

Jeff Zaugg (23:55):

Now I would say now that I’m full time, the grind of repetitive tasks, I know what it takes to put the podcast. I don’t have a team behind me. It’s just like, let’s go, I’m in the dad cave right now as we talk, which is my laundry room. So I can, it’s like, and I can change laundry even between doing podcasts interviews. So that is the, frustrations with entrepreneurism can be when you’re in an organization. But also I think they’re going to be now in this new season of, I’m not a solo preneur. I have a team of volunteers, right. The wall behind me was not built by me alone. Like there’s a lot of brothers that I’m so grateful that are “we’re with you, we’re giving financial or giving time or volunteering.” So grateful that I’m not a solo entrepreneur, but there are absolutely frustrations and kind of leadership rubs. As you mentioned that I’m learning every day since I’m only kind of two months into this new chapter.

Jennifer Scott (24:40):

Well, and it’s interesting that you mentioned that while you were in the church and kind of dipping your toe in the full-time entrepreneurial stuff, you had some frustrations and now that you’re, full-time in it and this an entrepreneurial world, you’re still going to have frustrations. So it’s just managing, right. I think that’s such a good expectation to set for ourselves that no matter what we’re doing, there’s always the daily tasks.

Jeff Zaugg (25:02):

It’s so easy to look Rose colored like, Oh, the grass is greener over there. Right. And I did feel like I had a pretty good reality stepping in. We’ll see again, I’m two months in, but that this is going to be hard in every chapter. And that’s anything significant that I want to be a part of will be hard. So I expect it to be hard and not to just be like, Oh, it’s in my sweet spot. My sweet spot is ever-changing and then God brings new challenges. And then if you multiply the answers, my prayers, my life becomes harder. That’s, we’ve got some pretty big prayers on the one year, as I mentioned, a million dollars in expansion and growth and adding babies along the way as a family. And it isn’t ever, like, hearing God’s voice is so necessary,

Jennifer Scott (25:41):

Which will maybe lead me into my next question, which is how has God met you in the wilderness seasons?

Jeff Zaugg (25:47):

I encourage all my friends in this area and even young, younger men, younger dads, who I get a chance to kind of speak life into. I expect that every three to five years, a major life crisis is going to come my way. I just expect it. Like you expect that this is part of the journey. In this world youou will have troubles, but take heart…. Let’s expect it. And that’s been the case for me and my wife, like every three to five years, something massive that has brought us to our knees in prayer. And that’s what’s sustained us. The voice of God, as I mentioned a second ago, like for me, it’s monthly prayer days. I take a whole day, I’ve been doing this for years, take a whole day and, and be with God in prayer. I try to get away to, there’s a prayer cabin at Wilderness Fellowship, try to get away extended every quarter, like hearing God’s voice, I would never have been a pastor wasn’t for hearing God’s voice, way too afraid of it.

Jeff Zaugg (26:37):

Never thought I’d be a pastor. They put me at the largest campus as the campus pastor and I’d never been on stage with a microphone in my life. So I freaked out, so the, again, the wilderness seasons are coming and I would say it’s hearing God’s voice, it’s brotherhood. So all your women listening too, sisterhood, like if you don’t have in your corner, some amazing friends. And it takes time to build those friends. But I cried and made phone call after phone call, as I was driving, as I mentioned, my dad going to heaven like, some of the most painful drives in my life, my heart just breaking, driving the four and a half hours to another Wisconsin. But the phone calls and the brothers that cried with me are everything. So I’d say do the hard work there to be ready for the wilderness season.

Jeff Zaugg (27:17):

And then, I mentioned the freedom course we lead, like doing the hard work on your heart to lay a foundation. I wish I would have started that journey – I started about seven, eight years ago. But if I could have done some of that hard work in the first couple of years out of Bethel or in Bethel, like it’s, it’s a journey that I think I just want to encourage everyone to be expectant that God wants to heal past hurts in more profound ways than you could ever imagine, but it takes entering those painful areas, and it takes forgiveness, and it takes identity as a son of God, daughter of God, to actually be able to rid of the baggage. That is absolutely all of us carry, but if we don’t have to carry it forever. And so those things helped me in the wilderness season.

Jennifer Scott (27:54):

So it sounds like having really good people on your team and then maybe recycling what you’re learning and pouring it. It sounds like that’s what you and your wife are doing are pouring into other people and helping them experience some of the freedom.

Jeff Zaugg (28:05):

I’ve been meeting with my closest circle of brothers – campfires. We were at last night, two and a half hours. It was cold, but we used a campfire to be socially distance and to be in the proximity to one another. And so you have to take the next step of asking a mentor, asking a friend, and I actually approached friendship and developing brotherhood, peer mentors. Or you ask somebody, Hey, will you give me a half hour of your time to learn about this? I actually pursue friends like I pursue mentors and I actually go after, make it convenient for them, buy the coffee for them. And, that’s been a way for me to keep reinvesting in friendships in each season. So that’s, my encouragement is to go after it, with intensity. You don’t want to be like crazy, intense, right? You don’t stalk people for friendship, but you want to be intense as far as it’s so important to have those friends in your corner. So you gotta, you gotta work for it.

Jennifer Scott (28:50):

Most people like to be invited. That’s what we’ve learned is most people like, not everyone – so the stalking thing we want to pay attention to – don’t do that. What happens inside of you and maybe you and Michelle, that lets you know, that it’s time to sunset one idea in order to move on to the next?

Jeff Zaugg (29:09):

Yeah, for us, it’s a, it’s a long process for most. We really want to take it slow and to, trust that God will show us when it’s time to move to the next chapter, the next season. And for me, there’s a little bit that I use the, and this is really subjective, but I… The disciples walked with Jesus after he rose from the dead and they walked with him and they didn’t recognize him. But later they said weren’t our hearts burning with passion, like on fire when he spoke to us. And I actually feel like that’s part of my compass is what level is my heart burning with passion. And, God uses that as a compass for me to know the direction. But then to know when to jump, we actually have a tool. We’ve invested in marriage counseling and in coaching and in strengths-based and then we had this couple from Imagined Beautiful is the name of a ministry.

Jeff Zaugg (29:55):

I’ll give you the link for your show notes. Dave and Penny, this amazing couple run this marriage ministry. And they created the MIOS, the marriage internal operating system. And it’s a three-day experience two on two. You as a couple with this couple, and we have this tool that we can rank evaluate, a prayerful tool that helps us know to say yes or no to the decision. So we actually have a tool built custom for us around our strengths, our passions, our giftedness, and our mission. And that tool helps us make decisions on what to, double down on and what to step back from. So we, that is… now it was expensive and it took time, but man, the investment was worth it because we have now that you have this framework for making decisions. So that’s the type of thing that I would recommend is, is hearing God’s voice. But then maybe you need some actual practical tools or some marriage counseling to help really have unity because man, if you’re unified around your decision-making, if you’re married, that is massive.

Jennifer Scott (30:47):

That is significant to have a tool that is specific to you.

Jeff Zaugg (30:52):

It was a complicated process. Like I said, a prayerful, all these modules, it’s a little more like, life coaching than it is like marriage counseling. Like it was a coaching modules they took us through that helped to build this tool over the course of three days, two nights.

Jennifer Scott (31:04):

Other than Jesus, what are you an evangelist for?

Jeff Zaugg (31:07):

Yeah. Um, well, I’ll go really hilarious and fun first. So a really fun rope swing would be my first one. I think that most trees can be turned into a really fun rope swing. It just takes time, 50 pound test fishing line, a one pound weight, and then you have to string the rope on it. Anyways, that is, that is the first one that I’m like, you should make a rope swing and it will make life better, no matter what you’re going through, make a fun rope swing. On the serious level, I mean, I’ve mentioned it so many times, but brotherhood, brotherhood will alter the trajectory of your life. And again, I’m speaking to guys or sisterhood, you have to have. So that’s the other thing. I’m an evangelist for over and over and over. And you’ve heard that the last half hour here.

Jennifer Scott (31:45):

All right. Jeff, last question. Is there anything that I haven’t asked you about, but that you are itching to share?

Jeff Zaugg (31:50):

I do think the best is yet to come. Like I do believe that even though people say that like college is college is like, those are the years. I’m like, I’m like, no, these are the years, the years I’m in currently. And I’m like, I can’t wait for those years coming. And I think to a perspective of, no matter what year we’re in 2020, no matter what we’re facing, the Valley moments. I mean, I just mentioned my dad going home to heaven, you know, about about 11 months ago, the like guys there is beauty in grieving. There is beauty in loss. There is beauty found. And I just want to encourage everybody listening. Like don’t look in the rear view mirror with passion and sparkly eyes. Like the shiny eye thing matters. If you want to get shiny eyes for the current season, if you want to be at a spot, living in your passion, help other people around you get shiny eyes. Like that is the probably the strongest thing I want to encourage you guys is look forward with anticipation and pull people in around around a cause that gets your eyes shining.

Jeff Zaugg (32:46):

And, as you are a difference maker, a difference will be made in your life. And, that’s what I just believe and whatever the passion is for me. It’s fatherhood ministry right now and raising my own girls and my own little girls, but figure out the thing that gets your heart beating and go after it and don’t settle.


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