211 | Kids Need to Explore Dangerous Stuff Safely (Seth Dahl PART 1)

211 | Kids Need to Explore Dangerous Stuff Safely (Seth Dahl PART 1)

Seth Dahl - 211 - Part 1


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Seth Dahl

Seth Dahl is a writer and worldwide speaker to adults and children. He is known for his powerful wisdom communicated through a contagious joy and childlikeness. Seth and Lauren love to empower families to build a strong connection that fosters peace and creates a thriving family culture. Seth, Lauren and their three children homestead with a large garden and handful of animals on a small farm in Texas.

With over 15 years experience working with children and being a children’s pastor, Seth has cultivated a passion to help parents create a thriving family culture at home. Sometimes parenting is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Seth and Lauren love being able to equip people with the practical and spiritual tools they need to create the thriving family culture they’ve always dreamed of.

Show Notes:

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  • 5:09 – South Austin State Park for hiking and seeing the Waterfall: McKinney Falls State Park
  • 6:34 – “what am I taking my focus off of?”
  • 7:06 – “I want to get my focus off of all the extra stuff right now”
  • 7:48 – “What’s what’s the most priceless valuable thing that we have? The presence of God, right? And God is not distracted. God is not unfocused. I think he’s far more present to us than we are to him, and we only discover his presence when we become present with him as well”
  • 9:00 – “My focus is on becoming focused on being more present and unfocused on all the extra stuff”
  • 11:43 – “I think we need to push back on this a little bit and we need to go, Hey, let’s get outside. Let’s let’s climb the tree, build a little treehouse platform…”
  • 12:49 “Every time I go hunting, there are so many opportunities for me to receive shame. So, you know, hunting is very connected to being a man, being a provider….”
  • 15:27 – “So on the plane, I’m just like. Here I come, Lord, and I go to him and he’s like, look, don’t don’t throw this out. I’m trying to reawaken something inside you. I’m trying to reawaken something that was lost. And this is who you are and and this is trying to stop it. Keep going. Keep hunting. Do it…”
  • 19:42 – “Kids need to explore dangerous stuff safely.”
  • 20:56 – “Why My Kids Will Lead Yours” — It’s a school in Switzerland that allows children to use real knives, real blades. “
  • 21:00 – Seth explains the process of teaching his kids to safely use a knife

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