217 | Talking to Our Kids About Marriage. It’s On Me! (Chad Johnson PART 2)

217 | Talking to Our Kids About Marriage. It’s On Me! (Chad Johnson PART 2)

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Chad Johnson

After twenty-eight years of joyful marriage, author Chad Johnson is still pursuing the woman of his dreams, the lovely Jenise. Chad is a successful entrepreneur and business coach to elite-level business owners. He is the founder of TheAchademy.com, co-founder of NewlywedCoaching.com, and MarriageMaximizer.com.

Chad is also an entrepreneurial coach with Strategic Coach, helping clients build and strengthen their businesses.

Chad and Jenise love their eleven children and five grandchildren. They enjoy traveling with their family and including them in the family business, Farmhouse Candle Shop. You can watch their adventures on their YouTube channel The Big Ski Family.

Show Notes:

  • We just released a free film series. A short video series “Adding Life to the Dad Life”  https://dadawesome.org/life/
  • 3:37 – “there’s nothing like the heart of a daughter and a daddy in that bond, and I’m just excited for you.”
  • 4:07 – 11 children on a family front, the oldest is twenty seven and down to nine years old. Three of our daughters are married and grandbaby number seven is on the way.
  • Proverbs 10:22 – “The blessing of the LORD enriches, and He adds no sorrow to it. King James Bible The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.”
  • 5:45 – FIVE things that God has placed in my heart and these five priorities I call them, but I call my giant five. And Jeff, remember to be talking about that to me. So many of us as men, as fathers, as business leaders or ministry leaders or whatever, we’re confronted with so many competing things for our attention, for our time, for energy, for our resources, and how do we filter, how do we prioritize?
  • 6:00 – The Giant Five Framework – top priorities
    • 1) Faith – it’s foundational
    • 2) Marriage – must be on the same page fighting together
    • 3) Children – Aspire to raise them to be all God created them to be.
    • 4) Heath – being fit, healthy and active
    • 5) Career/Work/Ministry – Using God given Unique Abilities to earn, serve, and bless others
  • 9:55 – Chad discussing worshipping God as a Family
  • 17:00 – Chad explains building a business as a family
  • 20:00 – Mothers Day Gifts –
  • Farmhouse Candle Shop
  • 21:17 – “I’ve always been a dreamer jobs, and I know I can recognize another one or a mile away. And you’re that guy.”
  • 100 Dreams: Years ago I wrote down my dream list…marry the perfect woman, have a big family, grow a business, earn a ____ $ a year, travel to Austria, write a book, run an Ironman, memorize the book of James, get my pilot’s license, teach the entire family to ski, coach and speak, and many more. Pulling out the list this week I removed, fly my own jet, and added, be the world’s best grandpa, and live in a tree house. Next step, pick 3, put on the calendar and get going!
  • 24:12 – “God is so good. When you become a parent, you’re one for life… And I see that in the way that I get to pour into my older young people and my married kids. Now I’m on a Zoom call every week with my sons in laws and my older sons that are in their 20s.”
  • 24:46 – “I just want to pour in… I don’t want to be the guy who’s over on the couch. Whose mailed it in and thinks that everything’s going to be great. I want to be 100 percent in the game. Are they on my calendar or are they on my prayer list? Are they people I’m spending time with? I just want to keep honing…”
  • 25:26: How to Win a Heart: One Man’s Adventure in Finding and Winning His Lifelong Love — GET THE FREE – Simple Guidelines for Intentional Dating — this will equip you to navigate your adventurous journey of finding and building a love that glorifies God and delights you for a lifetime. https://howtowinaheart.com/bonus-guide
  • 27:57 – “Chad, where are you? Where are you with the Lord? OK, where are you with your knees? And if if it’s not right, want it to be, it’s always done me. It’s dad. It’s always on us. It is night where you want it to be today. If it’s not fine, if it’s not joyful, if it’s not romantic, it’s not rich, not real. If you’re not close. It’s on me, not her. What do I need to do to bring that closeness?”
  • 31:54 – “My daughters are unbelievable? They are rare. They are so precious. They are so precious and so rare because they’re not doing it the way the world is doing it. They’re listening to what God’s word says and the guys who find my daughters… He is bringing men. Godly men who are unbelievable…”
  • 34:00 – Newlywed Coaching
  • 36:49 – “At the end of my life, it’s truly about my relationship with God and my relationship with people. That’s it. And am I investing there truly like crazy all out, investing there with my time, with my energy, with my creativity, with my, with my life.”
  • 38:35 – Read Deuteronomy 28 one through 14. Read Psalm one chapter. Read what God wants to do to a man or woman or husband or wife or family whose hearts are set on him to believe in him trusting him because he wants to bless you. He really does. He wants to bless and pour out his favor.
  • 39:38 – chad’s PRAYER
  • We just released a free film series. A short video series “Adding Life to the Dad Life”  https://dadawesome.org/life/

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