226 | Dads Who Dare To Dream (Banning Liebscher REPLAY)

226 | Dads Who Dare To Dream (Banning Liebscher REPLAY)

226 - banning liebscher


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Banning Liebscher

Banning Liebscher was on staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California for eighteen years and founded the ministry Jesus Culture during that time. Banning and his family, along with the Jesus Culture team, relocated to the capital of California where they started a church, Jesus Culture Sacramento. Their vision is to see people encounter God, be empowered in community, and engage their city for revival and transformation. He and his wife, SeaJay, have three children.

Ministry Shout Out!

  • Christian Men’s Networkhttps://cmn.men/
  • Brave Men Podcast
  • Every Child Deserves a Loving Dad – Global Fatherhood Initiative is a human justice mission focused on defeating fatherlessness and stopping child abuse. As a result of sweeping global success, CMN has launched the Global Fatherhood Initiative—a strategic effort focusing on defeating fatherlessness, ending child abuse, and setting men free from sin and Satan.

Conversation Notes

  • 3:30 – “I think that we are called to pour our life into what will be left behind…I’m convinced that what will be left behind is not structures we built, not things we implemented, but just people that we fathered – that’s what’s going to be left behind.”
  • 3:51 – “I feel like I am to bring my life to the next generation and lay it down for them and give it to them.”
  • 4:44 – Dads being dreamers vs. Dads settling
  • 5:45 – “When I stop dreaming, when I stop allowing my heart to really dream about things that apart from God are impossible, I not longer kind of lean in, I begin to lean back. I don’t engage, I disengage. And I would say the greatest thing in the world you could do for your kids is to be a dreamer that’s pursuing what God has in your life.”
  • 6:17 – “So I think our kids seeing us pursue the dreams that are in our heart is a really critical part of our fathering and discipling of them.”
  • 7:02 – “I think what we do comes out of who we are, and that we can’t be defined by what we do.”
  • 7:14 – We have a call to “be” which is our IDENTITY and we have a call to “do” which is our MISSION.
  • 8:03 – Challenging dads to not settle for anything less than the fullness of God in your life.
  • 10:12 – “As long as you move at the speed of obedience, and as long as you move with the speed of community and covering, then you’ll never be off, and even when you are off a little bit there will be grace because your heart is to be in this lane.”
  • 12:20 – Banning’s new book – The Three Mile Walk:The Courage to Live the Life God Wants for You
  • 12:43 – Family moments during quarantine
  • 14:34 – Dad hacks to stay connected to the kids traveling
  • 15:01 – “My kids are going to sacrifice for who I am and and the call on my life, but they also need to benefit and be blessed from that.”
  • 15:54 – “Whatever you do, like what I do to provide for the family has some cost involved, but I also want to make sure that there’s blessing involved and that my kids are connected to it..make sure blessing is connected to the sacrifice as well and that it’s not just sacrifice, it’s not just that dad’s gone.”
  • 18:07 – A story of trusting God with his kids
  • 20:59 – “At the end of the day, what we know is this: any area of my life that has blessed, any area of my life that has wisdom attached to it, any area of my life that has fruit attached to it, it’s because other people have joined me in it.”
  • 22:03 – “When I stand before God one day, [He’s going to say] I didn’t just require your best, I require your best and the best of these people I put around you, so when it comes to father I think the reality is our best ins’t good enough – that’s really never meant to be good enough.  It’ snot just my best I’m bringing to the is equation, it’s my best and it’s the best of…these men that pour into my life, that walk with me, that then allows me to be a good father.”
  • 22:46 – “When I allow myself to be isolated, when I allow myself to be independent, when i allow myself to think that I just should be able to do this on my own and I don’t need anybody speaking into my life or challenging me or encouraging me, well I just want to say that your best isn’t good enough…God didn’t set it up that way.”
  • 23:09 – “God didn’t set it up where…it’s just you and nobody else, you just give it your best. He’s like, I put a whole family around you and I’m bringing those strengths into your life so that you can accomplish what I’ve asked you to accomplish and raise these kids.”
  • 23:26 – “There’s not one area of my life that hasn’t been touched by the strength of other and that’s why it has a measure of success to it.”
  • 23:38 – The Three Mile Walk:The Courage to Live the Life God Wants for You  – Banning Liebscher
  • 25:47 – “Those that are fully alive are the ones that are fully engaged to the call of God to be and to do.”
  • 26:51 – “If you’re listening to this podcast I can only imagine then that you have a desire to be a great father. Being a great father takes a massive amount of courage…facing the things you have to face internally, looking at your weaknesses and trying to grow, saying God I want to be more patient…but if I’m going to be who God’s called me to be as a father, it requires me to be encouraged.”
  • 28:10 – Reinhardt Bonnke’s book, “Living a Life of Fire”
  • 30:51 – When I had my first kid, I realized the greatest think I’ll ever do with my life is raise this kid, and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done hands down. Hands down being a dad is the hardest thing I have ever done and it has challenged me in ways I didn’t even know I could be challenged. It is scary, it is vulnerable, it is raw, and by far the best thing I’ve ever done and the greatest legacy I’ll leave.”




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