Peter Haas (episode 022)

Peter Haas (episode 022)

Haas Fam 2018

Peter and Carolyn Haas have been married for 22 years and they have two teenage girls (17 and 15) along with a 12 year old son. As a family they planted Substance Church 14 years ago and Peter and Carolyn serve as Co-Lead Pastors. This Father’s Day conversation with Pastor Peter explores the following topics plus many other helpful insights for us dads:

  • discovering his kids’ passions & finding common interests with them 
  • parenting with long-term perspective
  • breakthroughs resulting in honoring his parents
  • fatherhood fails due to anger issues
  • modeling humility & apologizing to his children
  • vacations that forced their family out of typical rituals

Episode 22 Music: Substance Variant – Greatest Threat (free album online)


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