Tim Burt (episode 023)

Tim Burt (episode 023)

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 Legacies are Built One Step at a Time

Are you tired of being a dad that raises your kids during the commercial breaks?

Do you have a dream you want to chase, but feel anxious to step out because of your family?

Do you want teach your kids HOW to think rather than WHAT to think?

Inventor, entrepreneur, pastor, writer, gardener and marathoner Tim Burt pops in to discuss how our legacies as men and dads are built one step of faithfulness at a time.

In this interview:

  • Trust over time is key
  • The love of God is the greatest influence
  • Asking if an action is leading or following
  • Keeping God’s ways before your kids
  • Chasing dreams methodically
  • Don’t make mountains out of mole hills


Tim Burt is a husband, father, grandpa, inventor, entrepreneur, pastor, speaker, writer, gardener, marathoner and more. After 37 years in ministry, Tim and his wife, Renee, now serve mission movements around the world. Tim is also the author of “Fresh Manna” Devotional


Episode 23 Music = Brent Haglund



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