231 | How One Decision Creates Legacy (Tim and Ryan Skoog Part1)

231 | How One Decision Creates Legacy (Tim and Ryan Skoog Part1)

231 - Tim & Ryan Skoog - Part1 NEW



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Tim and Ryan Skoog

Tim and Ryan are a father/son duo who share the love of adventure and legacy. Ryan is President of Venture and Tim is on the Governing Board. Venture is a Global Partner of Father for the Fatherless. Venture is committed and passionate about serving in areas of the world that are the least reached and resourced by partnering with local leaders in those communities to end some of the worlds greatest injustices. 


  • Fathers for the Fatherless
  • FATHERS FOR THE FATHERLESS changes lives by exposing men to a cause beyond themselves. They are propelled to challenge themselves, cycling 100 miles, in response to our Heavenly Father’s heart for the Fatherless.
  • Reminder: Twin Cities registration, FATHER FOR THE FATHERLESS, closes June 30.

Conversation Notes

  • 2:54 – “You know, Dad, every every morning I roll out of bed and hit my knees. And it was something that impacted me and something I learned from him and have been doing faithfully ever since. So it’s a situation of saying, well, son, take this from me. No, I took this from him.”
  • 3:57 – “As I look through my life is that I can say the dad that the man that was my dad was also someone that I would look up to as a hero. Many other people look up to. And so that’s just one of the greatest honors.”
  • 5:08 – “I really believe that there isn’t a real difference between being a leader in business, nonprofit or church. I think that we should approach it the same way.”
  • 5:42 – Ryan watching his Dad pray Psalm 91 over their family.
  • 6:19 – Pray first then strategy/meet.
  • 8:24 – Tim on his salvation in Alaska and his Father’s salvation.
  • 10:38 – The events of 1979 in Alaska that changed everything.. “first time I really heard the gospel in its entirety, I mean the full gospel if you want to use it as such
  • 11:34 – Tim’s wife rededication her life to Jesus.
  • 12:51 – “But on January 27th, 1979, I raised my hand and became a born again believer.” Tim
  • 13:07 – Tim talks about his house burning down and leaving Alaska
  • 14:21 – Ryan explaining the legacy his dad imprinted, not only on their family, but to many people their family has encountered after getting saved “…that day was famous in our family..”
  • 16:14 – Ryan taking Tim, his son, and father in law back to the chapel Tim was saved in and writing and praying blessings over each of them.
  • 17:34 – “And the the idea that you, you know, this is really, really important for your kids to get is that they something happened before them and something will happen after them. Generational and that generational thought is so distant from our current generation. It’s it’s actually a very unique thing because for thousands of years, children grew up realizing that there’s a tradition before them and a legacy to give and and to to combat the current crazy narcissism of the day.” 
  • 18:43 – “whenever I want to instill a value in our kids, we like to travel somewhere and then have a moment but also have an adventure to seal it in.”
  • 20:29 – Tim’s wife taking their grand daughters to where she was saved in Louisiana.
  • 23:07 – “One of the greatest gifts that my parents and then my dad was able to give me was he wanted to expose me early on to the world, to the needs of the world, to the challenges of the world.” “….he did that by taking us to some of the most difficult places in the world.
  • 23:40 – “He never took us to Disneyland, but but he did take us to a refugee camp in Mozambique and, you know, to different slums around the world and difficult areas.
  • 25:11 – One of the coolest things Tim did as a father was he was willing to do what his kids wanted to do. Even if their ideas where wild.
  • 27:51 – Praying and asking God what it looks like to smuggle Bibles into China and an eagle flies over them right after praying.

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