Josh Reese (Episode 026)

Josh Reese (Episode 026)

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Pastor Josh Reese joins dadAWESOME with some inspiring thoughts on the power of stories to shape the hearts of our kids and doing everything we can to find quality AND quantity time with them.

1) Are you being intentional as a dad, or do you find yourself coasting?
2) Do you imagine the kind of adult you want your kids to be?
3) Have you experienced the power of story in shaping the hearts of your children?

In this interview:
— Finding adventure with your kids
— Daughter identity
— Processing WITH your kids, not FOR them
— The power of stories
— Difficulty produces character
— Finding time (quality AND quantity)

Josh Reese is a husband and father of four daughters, including twins. He is a civil engineer turned pastor of a north woods Wisconsin church.

NOTE: This is our dadAWESOME 1/2 Year Anniversary! We made it 26 weeks and this episode is co-hosted by my daughter Kiva as we celebrate the milestone together 🙂

MUSIC: Brent Haglund — The Sky Is Blue (feat. Willy ARQ & Aleks Westlund)

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What Do Kingdom Families Look Like?
June 17, 2018

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