272 | One Second of Strength, Being Present, and 5 Books Every Parent Should Read (Tanner Clark)

272 | One Second of Strength, Being Present, and 5 Books Every Parent Should Read (Tanner Clark)

272 - tanner clark

A few years ago, Tanner Clark had a clear impression that he needed to focus on helping teenagers. He’s now a motivational speaker who teaches teenagers how to know their worth and reach their full potential. Tanner wants to help fathers do the same with the help of a simple but powerful tool.

Key Takeaways

  • The One Second of Strength is an opportunity to hack your brain and take the best actions for your life and personal growth. 
  • If you’re not present in your child’s life when they’re young, don’t expect them to allow you into their presence when they’re older. 
  • Give yourself grace when you fall short because your kids aren’t holding on to your faults. 
  • Five books every parent should read

Tanner Clark

Tanner Clark is a motivational speaker deeply passionate about helping teens be happy and reach their potential. He and his wife, Dani, live in Utah with their four children.

Key Quotes

  • 9:02 – “There are so many things that are standing between us and who we want to become. And the path forward is by recognizing what are the things that are holding us back, acknowledging them, and then being very intentional about moving forward beyond that. I call it finding your one second of strength. I believe that that there is a moment and if you look back at your life and all the great things that you’ve done there was a decision point. And in that decision point, one second of strength, is the opportunity to hack your brain, to do the thing that is going to be the best for you and give you that the the growth that you need.
  • 28:56 – “You find that second of strength every time and you turn and kick to the side. Run away from those waters, get out of those waters, your life changes when you decide that you are that you are important enough to kick to the side. That’s when life changes, when you recognize your value, when you recognize how important you are to this world, to other people, to the future people that you don’t even know yet. When you recognize your value, it will compel you to turn and kick to the side so that you can become the person that you want to become because you need to be that person. And someone else needs you to be that person. That’s the difference.

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