The Power of Positive Connection (028 Jim Jackson)

Jim Jackson, founder of Connected Families, lives and breathes a message of connecting with our kids to get a hold of God’s heart. Husband and father of three, Jim dedicates his time and energy to inspiring, training and coaching families with a simple framework: 1) you are safe, 2) you are loved, 3) you are called and capable, and 4) you are responsible.

  • Do you feel like your kids are a report card of your success as a dad?
  • Does it seem like your actions are often very far from your intentions?
  • Are you tired of “default selfishness” taking over when trying to lead your kids?

Author and speaker, Jim Jackson, describes how our children look to us to discover who they are, not how act. Join dadAWESOME as we dive into 4 key lenses we can apply to parenting our kids.

In this interview:

  • Get a hold of God’s heart for your kids
  • Moving from intentions to actions
  • Slow, Low and Listen
  • Actions vs. Intentions
  • Accidental messaging
  • You are safe, loved, called and responsible

Connected Families Framework: (free overview here)

Recommended Resources:

Connected Families books, FREE RESOURCES and online courses.

Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart (Jim & Lynne Jackson)

Audible version of Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart

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