039 | Heart Issues, Family Bible Reading & Words That Build Up (Eric Iverson)

Eric Iverson joins dadAWESOME for a vulnerable conversation about leading his family in Bible reading, the importance of paying attention to his wife, and the tendency to focus on behavior-change instead of dealing with heart issues.
  1. What rhythms can you set up to connect to the heart of your family?
  2. Are you facilitating a heart connection with your kids and wife?
  3. Are your words building up and bringing life or unintentionally causing destruction and death?

In this interview:

  • Navigating transitions as a family
  • Letting God give us a new heart connection
  • Being a servant leader to our wives
  • Prayer themes over our children
  • Ways to help our kids grow in leadership
  • Family rhythms for impact and connection

Eric Iverson is the husband (16 yrs) to Judy, father of Hope (13) and Isaiah (10). He serves as the Executive Director at Youth Leadership, a non-profit leader resourcing and training organization that serves leaders and churches around themes of youth and family ministry.

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