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Our Heavenly Father is passionate about fatherhood

Psalm chapter 78 "We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD, about his power and his mighty wonders."

What’s the impact of DADS living this out?

Dads actively telling their kids about God, and living lives that guide their kids towards God’s power and his mighty wonders…

What if fathers begin living fully alive and embracing their role? Children can tell when a dad loves being their dad.

How would families be changed if dads stepped into more intentional leadership at home, Actively pressing in to learn, love and lead?

What if fathers doubled up on intentional moments of pointing their kids to Jesus? Telling their kids about how awesome God is...

Our Heavenly Father takes great pleasure when dads are FULLY alive as we lead our kids to God’s awesomeness.

Our Vision and Prayer

FAMILY – I want to be famous in my home. My family comes first. My wife and daughters have strongly encouraged and celebrated this dadAWESOME journey. If I ever drift towards leading dadAWESOME at the expense of my family/fathering/marriage, I’ll walk away immediately. I give my wife and daughters 100% pause power. If they tell me to pause dadAWESOME to focus more on being a dad, I’ll do it (and my close friends/brothers will hold me accountable to this).

TEAM – Let’s build this together. We currently have a small scrappy team. Our vision and prayer is to build our dadAWESOME team. If you’d like to chat about joining our volunteer team of writers, creatives, audio engineers, web gurus, event coordinators and all around awesome people, please let us know. The pay isn’t great, but the benefits are outstanding.

BROTHERHOOD – We fight passionately against isolation. The resources created by dadAWESOME will always encourage and challenge dads to pursue authentic brotherhood with other men. Breakthroughs, healing, miracles, strength and freedom come from brotherhood and accountability. Don’t do this dad journey alone.

TIME – Every episode of dadAWESOME has touched on the theme of investing in time with our kids. We must log hours together. This dad life requires our TIME. Are you a 4 hr/day dad? Or a 2 hr/day dad? The perceived outcomes of this difference might seem small this week or this month or this year. Over the 18 years that we have raising our kids before they launch, the difference between a 2 hr/day dad and a 4 hr/day dad is 13,000 hours. We’ve got 168 hours in the week. How many of those hours will be spent in close proximity connecting with, playing with and loving our kids?

GIVE – 1 in every 4 children live in a home without a dad (link for more fatherlessness statistics). Let this soak in for a moment. Our God-sized prayer for this first year of dadAWESOME is to give $10,000 away towards the cause of these fatherless kids. We partnered with Venture Expeditions to give over $13,000 to orphans along the border of Burma and Thailand called the “deadliest line”. Thousands of kids are without parents due to the carnage of civil war. Let’s feed, clothe, and shelter these precious children: LINK to GIVE

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