245 | Prioritize the Priceless (Jay Bennett)

September 29, 2022

Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify Google Play TuneIn RSS Feed Key Takeaways Find moments of GLEE with your kids God reaches down to us like a father excitedly reaches down to his kids after a long day at work Follow the cloud…explore the mystery Find ways to teach your kids generosity at an early age Community…

242 | Brainwash Your Kids That They Are A Masterpiece (Tom Bell)

September 8, 2022

Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify Google Play TuneIn RSS Feed Key Takeaways Our kids have their own rescue stories and songs of gratitude. Remember Him and never forgetting Him. Loving our spouse and children, when they’re hardest to love, allows them to experience love of Jesus. When we walk in obedience, our kids benefit from our…

239 | Being Still and Letting God Love You (Ken Helser: Part 2)

August 18, 2022

Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify Google Play TuneIn RSS Feed Key Takeaways You have to believe God wants to speak to you more than you even want to listen. When you journal you are stirring up a prophetic gift. Every time we hurry, we break things. Be Still. God wants us to live life well. When…

233 | Simple Money, Rich Life: Achieve Financial Freedom and Eternal Impact (Bob Lotich)

July 7, 2022

Acts of obedience can result in miracles, adventures, and boldness they’ve experienced as a family.
Transparent money management can be the best instruction for kids. What children learn from their parents is more “caught than taught.”
The importance of being transparent with your children about finances far exceeds putting up a wall and believing it isn’t beneficial.
It’s beneficial for both spouses to be involved in finances. 

230 | Resilience, Servanthood & Showing Up For Others (Jason Vallotton REPLAY)

June 16, 2022

“Servanthood is the way to the top. You will never outgrow serving…the more you have the more you’re required to give.”

220 | Fathering Like a Boy vs. Fathering Like a Man (Gary Black)

April 7, 2022

“We have to break the spirit, disciple these kids and send them on risky, crazy adventures so that they can get their own stories so they can keep telling the miraculous amazingness of how good and amazing our Father is.”

211 | Kids Need to Explore Dangerous Stuff Safely (Seth Dahl PART 1)

February 3, 2022

I’m trying to reawaken something inside you. I’m trying to reawaken something that was lost. And this is who you are and and this is trying to stop it. Keep going. Keep hunting. Do it…

203 | My Dad Was The Loudest (Simon Osamoh)

December 9, 2021

“My son knows because he can always hear me. What he remembers about his games is that my dad was the loudest. My dad was shouting, and it’s intentional. The reason why I do that, I scream over every other father there because I want Mason to remember when I’m no longer there. His memory would be, You know what? My dad was the loudest… My dad was the loudest person at my game, and that’s the memory, because that’s what I never had.”

200 | Belly Laughter, Feeling Stuck & Sailboat Fatherhood (Jeff Zaugg)

November 18, 2021

“When we’re feeling stuck, think sailboat, not speedboat. What if the wind is just not blowing? What if this is the time to learn and to be humble and to say, what can I take away from this versus a pointing at all the things that are wrong? What can I experience now that will help me be the dad that my kids need me to be?”

198 | Speaking Blessings, Hearing God’s Voice & Exposing our Kids to Missions (Seth Barnes)

November 4, 2021

There’s greatness in you. There’s amazing potential in you that you probably have not tapped and that God wants to tap. And he often uses our weaknesses. And that’s where we’re, you know, his strength shines through our weaknesses.