Episode 234 Transcript (Seth Barnes)

Episode 234 (Seth Barnes)

Podcast Intro [00:00:01] Being a great father takes a massive amount of courage. Instead of being an amazing leader and a decent dad, I want to be an amazing dad and a decent leader. The oldest dad in the world gave you this assignment, which means you must be ready for it. As a dad, I get on my knees and I fight for my kids. Let us be those dads who stop the generational pass down of trauma. I want encounters with God where he teaches me what to do with my kids. I know I’m going to be an awesome dad because I’ll give it my all.

Jeff Zaugg [00:00:39] This is episode 234 of dadAWESOME and my name is Jeff Zaugg. Guys, I am so thankful that you chose to listen today. Today’s conversation is actually kind of a part two, so I sat down and had a conversation with Seth Barnes. He’s the founder of Adventures in Missions and the World Race Initiative that’s been around for decades now, mobilizing young adults to go serve all over the world. Well, I sat down in episode 198, so about 40 weeks ago, ten months ago with Seth had a great conversation. But I had of my pages and pages of notes. We only got through about a third of my questions. Well, then my family was traveling and this was either March yeah, it was March where we were traveling with the RV through the Atlanta area, Gainesville. He’s about an hour north of Atlanta, and he welcomed us to come and stay with his family. So I met several of his kids. I met his grandkids. I stayed with his team. We parked the RV right there at the Adventures and Missions compound, this property that where they train missionaries and trained young adults before they go off and serve. And just spending the week with his team and getting the opportunity to sit down in person was a gift. Totally a gift. He has become one of my favorite people and a mentor that now I’m able to call and text to ask questions. And he actually changed the trajectory of our Zauggg family, the the dadAWESOME RV tour. We went through Mayfield, Kentucky, because of Seth. He’s like, you need to go serve in Mayfield. And that’s where the tornadoes devastated in back in December. So we served there for a couple of days because of Seth. So what I want you guys to hear this conversation. Lean in today, Episode 234. We’re going to go deeper into how to create a culture of loving and serving others, a culture of listening to God’s voice and training our kids to hear the voice of God. This is a conversation I’m so grateful for. Here’s Seth Barnes Episode 234. Well, here we are. We’re about an hour north of Atlanta. Gainesville. That’s right.

Seth Barnes [00:02:53] Gainesville, Georgia. Yep.

Jeff Zaugg [00:02:54] How long has this been home for you, Seth?

Seth Barnes [00:02:56] We moved up here in 1994, so I guess we’re moving on 28 years now.

Jeff Zaugg [00:03:01] 28. My goodness. Time flies. This is my first time to this area. Yeah, but we’re at currently we’re in one of the kind of headquarters buildings of Adventures in Missions, the ministry that you launched. Yes. And you’ve been gracious to let us park here with our RV.

Seth Barnes [00:03:16] Why we put the RV stand there was for you.

Jeff Zaugg [00:03:18] How many years ago just set that up for this?

Seth Barnes [00:03:21] Actually just this last year.

Jeff Zaugg [00:03:22] Did you did it for me? You did?

Seth Barnes [00:03:24] Well, we’ve had a few other people there before, but it’s in COVID times. It’s been good.

Jeff Zaugg [00:03:28] Yeah. Yeah. Well, we’re grateful to spend kind of the week here with you, your family, meet two of your grandsons. And congrats as well, by the birth of your grandson, your eighth grand grandchild. Is that right?

Seth Barnes [00:03:39] That’s right. Eighth.

Jeff Zaugg [00:03:39] Born yesterday, I believe.

Seth Barnes [00:03:42] That’s right. Elijah Michael.

Jeff Zaugg [00:03:44] It’s amazing. I got a chance to hang out with his dad, your son, at a meet up that we hosted the morning of his birth, which was amazing. He was there. Contractions were starting. But this is this is fun for me to go round to of a conversation for the dadAWESOME podcast because we about a year ago had a conversation and I just had so many notes. I was like, There’s so many areas we still need to talk about. So for setup wise, we’ll let people bounce back, listen to the other one for set up to kind of get a little bit your backstory and learn more about the mission that you lead. I wanted to go into storytelling mode first, okay. And go back, I believe is about 20 years ago. Your kids are leaving for college and you decided to kind of invite slash challenge them to do a couple of things. Would you tell that story? As we start off?

Seth Barnes [00:04:30] I remember the sense of, oh, my goodness, I this is my last shot at all five all at once before my oldest, our daughter Talia, was going off to college. So she was 17, 18 years old. And we’re going to say goodbye to her. And it was a far cry from being an empty nest. But I just felt this sense of urgency to do something, whatever it is that I needed to do in terms of impact, in terms of discipleship, in terms of imparting the kingdom of God to my kids, you know, we we did an okay job and I married so well and Karen has done great, but I felt like, okay, I felt the leading to study the book of Acts and then try and do it. And so I came across this great commentary by C. Peter Wagner and it’s called The Acts of the Holy Spirit. And it just kind of looks at the Book of Acts as a mission book. And so we use that in the mornings. Every morning we get up and my poor kids have to sit there and we go through it and study it. But, you know, Acts is a bunch of stories about amazing things and and that kind of carried us forward and they stayed engaged. And along about December, I just felt God saying, why don’t you you go and do this somewhere specific. And we prayed about it, ended up hearing Peru go to Peru and see if the Holy Spirit doesn’t still heal people, see if he doesn’t actually use you to plant churches. And we attracted, I think I put it out there, some other friends and maybe 18 other people. So 22 total came and good mix of of guys and gals and we planted five churches. We saw so many healings, people that were dying of cancer, radically healed. This one lady went back this last year and she is still got the church, moved out of her house now, but just so fun to see my kids seeing that the Bible is true and it still applies now.

Jeff Zaugg [00:06:41] How many years ago was that? It was about 20 years ago.

Seth Barnes [00:06:45] It was 20 years ago.

Jeff Zaugg [00:06:46] And how long was the trip? How long were you?

Seth Barnes [00:06:49] I was a month.

Jeff Zaugg [00:06:49] It was a month long.

Seth Barnes [00:06:50] But we went for a month and we we broke up in like three teams or four teams and we went to like the worst slum that we could find. And we would just kind of the good thing about a lot of Latin cultures, you can go to door to door and it’s not kind of the offensive, the Jehovah Witness sort of thing that it is here in America. It’s they welcome you, you have coffee and you can talk about things that are real. And so that’s what that’s how we did it. We just went around and and people had needs and we prayed for those needs and God showed up. Yeah. So I loved seeing my kids get an eyeful, you know, and also the other kids that were along on the trip seeing me interact with my own kids and, you know, telling stories to everybody as though I’m the dad and hugging them and just being an example of a father. And so many of them had not had that kind of a father before. And it was maybe an example of what a father could be.

Jeff Zaugg [00:07:48] Yeah. Feels like there is, there is a like direction that culture pulls dads and kids of like, hey, we’re going to make commitments. We’re going to keep those commitments. We’re going to get slowly busier as time goes on that all of a sudden, the idea of pausing for a month and going on mission all of a sudden becomes this, I can I can give you 12 reasons why I can’t pull that off. What do you think? What helps us, even as younger dads, maybe our kids aren’t heading off to college yet. How do we break free from what I believe is part of, it’s a battle, it’s a part of it attack of saying, hey, this is the trajectory. Do these things. This is playing it safe. That keeps us off of mission. What are your what are your thoughts?

Seth Barnes [00:08:28] I’m reflecting on COVID and how it actually gave everybody the space to think those thoughts, to think about what’s important and what do I really want with my life. Now we have the great resignation. So a lot of people are making those decisions now about their lives. I do think that we have to do business with our our older selves and say, how can I end my life without regrets? Maybe one of the biggest regrets, I think a lot of dads would have to not invest that kind of quality time where your kids can really see your heart. And if you’re a driver like I am, I mean, kids need space to be able to see the softer side, the fun side. And so that was, you know, a choice that I made. And I have always wanted to prioritize my kids. I’m so glad that I did it when I was younger.

Jeff Zaugg [00:09:18] Are there steps before the month long Peru trip that you would just encourage? Or maybe it’s even it’s less of like specific steps. It’s more of a framework that helps us think as a family, we’re going to be about a bigger mission, God’s mission. Can you help guide us into it?

Seth Barnes [00:09:36] Such a good question because as I think about it, it probably feels overwhelming to a lot of dads listening to this. And I sure didn’t jump into that kind of a thought process just suddenly. And I was helped because, you know, as a guy in ministry, I always wanted to bring my kids along. I can remember when my son was just five years old and there was another hurricane that I was Hurricane Hugo. And I just brought him along with me. And I wanted him to see that and to experience that. I remember when we moved up here, my wife saying, our kids need to serve more, they’re becoming narcissistic. Maybe there’s a little entitlement creeping in. So she would just take them to the local church and they would clean the toilets. Yeah, you know, because we believe that service is important. So what is it, Acts 1:8 where you begin in Jerusalem and then you go to what’s neighboring in Judea and maybe something that’s foreign some area and then to the ends of the earth. So yeah, don’t begin with the ends of the earth. Begin just in your backyard and find ways to serve. There’s so many shut ins, there’s so many needy people. And just find a few that need a visit, need a human touch and start there.

Jeff Zaugg [00:10:48] Yeah, the progression. And we want like all of us have this desire. If you’re for listening to dadAWESOME, we have a desire to raise up kids that are going after God’s best and his best is others versus thinking about self. And you mentioned being entitled or or being, you know, raising the little narcissist, which could maybe start from a dad living that way. Right. Like that’s my guess is they’re they’re following the example of dad. I’d love you to walk us into kind of these three areas that help a family live on mission. We talked a little bit before hitting record about these. Would you would you kind of help set it up and then we can kind of go back and forth on them?

Seth Barnes [00:11:29] Sure why is so much of what I see in ministry is that young people have unfinished business to do in the area of identity and they come to us and it’s so confusing out there. Like society itself is confusing. Maybe the family is all together and and you’re not as confused there, but society itself will give you enough grist for your mill. It gives you a lot of of just lies. Lies that tell you that you’re not enough. So I would begin with identity to really help right size that and that’s where I think a family on mission like in a be a family on mission where your purpose is is greater than just entertainment. And if you’re on mission, you’re taking the perspective off of yourself and your own needs and putting it on somebody else. And there’s a strange thing that happens when you do that. Then it became you become less preoccupied with your own inadequacy and identity begins to kind of fit together better than when you’re all everybody needing. I mean, therapy is great, and my wife is a therapist and we need therapy. Right. But but also we’re so, self-focused that sometimes we never get out of that space and into a place of service of others. So I, I think that’s the first thing. The second thing would be community. And we think of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the need of belonging. Yeah, it’s great. And how many people my age have friends, even, you know, like it’s less than two per person. It’s crazy. And we need to belong to others and we need to connect with others. And church isn’t working so, so well anymore for a lot of people. So helping young people to connect on mission, I think is a beautiful way to help address that need and ultimately to go on mission and to find purpose beyond just again, meeting your own felt needs, important, but ultimately, you’re not going to raise world changers if you’re just looking at a belly button all the time.

Jeff Zaugg [00:13:32] And the counterfeits kind of the what the world offers that oppose those. So you have identity that you talked about. It’s narcissism, it’s self-focus, community, having friends, deep friendships, loneliness is what is the norm that we’re seeing, the epidemic of loneliness and then mission, the opposite is entitlement. It’s for me, it’s thinking like did I get that right?

Seth Barnes [00:13:54] You got it right. And and man, people are looking for purpose. But because their own needs seem so stark and so great, they don’t get to it. They they it’s a paradox that by focusing on other people’s needs, you’re going to actually find your own needs better met.

Jeff Zaugg [00:14:12] Yeah.

Seth Barnes [00:14:13] So sometimes as parents, if we begin wherever we’re at, just, hey, let’s, let’s go find a small way to serve. When we were in Guatemala, there’s a lot of trash around. So I would take the little five year olds, grandsons that I’ve got, and we go pick up trash for an hour and I just challenge, hey, can we get a thousand pieces of trash here? You know, and it was just I wasn’t trying to prove a point to anybody. I just wanted to help them to see the needs that the community had.

Jeff Zaugg [00:14:41] Yeah, I love that. And you gamified it with the collection and counting the pieces, right?

Seth Barnes [00:14:46] I can’t help it too. I’m a driver. So you’re going to get that with me.

Jeff Zaugg [00:14:50] Well, and part of you that took initiative, though, for you to say, hey, we’re going to go do this thing and we’re going to make it fun. Initiative has been the area that I’ve been maybe most probably not surprised, but I’ve seen it come up time and time again as we’ve traveled the country in our RV and done these gatherings of dads. In general, I think if there is an area in my life that I feel like I’m struggling with, I’m not going to take initiative to help other people solve that area. Where I think it’s the greatest thing to do is to say, I’m struggling and I need help. Will you join me and do this mission together? Hey, like I want to serve others. So instead of waiting to become perfect at serving others, to invite others to go serve. What if, what if we just said I’ll be the person that said I’ll go first? And that’s what my prayer is for the dadAWESOME community is that we would be dads say, I’ll go first for our kids, for our marriages, for other dads. But in general, when I ask and I say, hey, when was the last time you pulled some guys together for a campfire and talked about intentional fatherhood? Most guys look at me and say, I’ve never been the one that says I’ll go first. And it’s just it’s interesting, and I want to get your take on this. Why? Why there’s so much it is the opposite of. I’ll go first. Is passivity, right? Yeah. Why do you think that is?

Seth Barnes [00:16:02] I don’t know. It helps me to hear Jesus in Scripture talk about how we’re sheep. He compares us to sheep. I see a lot of sheep behavior and a lot of I just, I don’t know, passivity and and that’s okay. People are wired differently. But, you know, if I’m experiencing something that’s life giving, I want to invite others to it. And I do think that if we found a little life, just I say, you know, I’m just a beggar that’s found a little bread that wants to let other beggars know where that bread is. And and for me, I’ve found that young people and my own grandkids and my my kids before them needed the opportunity to give out of their abundance. And so to invite them to do it was a first step. And to invite my friends to bring their kids along was another step. And then ultimately to look at their like my kids or my grandkids, you know, at their schoolmates and to say, well, let’s invite some of those. I don’t know, we can tell stories about it. Until somebody helps you to do the invitation, it’s just hard to do.

Jeff Zaugg [00:17:12] And yeah, so intention. A lot of us have intention, but will be, you know, dads of action that that put the action behind it.

Seth Barnes [00:17:20] It and I don’t want to condemn anybody or, you know, put a guilt trip. Sometimes we just need a small way to do something for an afternoon. And and so that might be I love your bike trips. Let’s let’s just do something that’s not so hard. I mean, I love to go hiking, invite friends along on that and we get to talking, and, you know, it’s just a way in.

Jeff Zaugg [00:17:40] That is part of our strategy with the Fathers for the Fatherless bike rides is it’s a shoulder by shoulder. We’re on the same team with the same mission of helping raise money to help the fatherless. But we’re doing it shoulder by shoulder versus face to face. And it has it feels like it’s working. Of course, there’s some people still saying, I’ll never wear spandex. I’m not going to ride a hundred miles with you. So really, anyone can start their own thing as well. Is there something that we can get after together? And that’s where the friendship comes. We get the community side, I believe our identity that really does like we get reaffirmed on this is what matters most to me. This is who I am when we’re chasing towards something that matters. So, so that is part of the vision with that. I think though, hearing the voice of God, if I it’s one thing to be encouraged on a podcast and read a book and say, I want this. I get it to intention pretty quickly from different nudges. But when God gives a nudge, that’s often what can move me well past intention to action is because I know that my God is guiding me that direction. There’s many people listening, that are like, hat do you mean by that? A nudge from the Holy Spirit? Or What do you mean by hearing God’s voice? I know this is a deep passion of yours, and we touched on it some the last conversation. But would you take us back into one, starting with yourself, but then helping our kids understand that prayer is two way and that God is speaking?

Seth Barnes [00:19:04] My mom was a religious lady. And in a good way. Not just the negative connotation, but she was radically saved when my dad was in Vietnam, needed the Lord and found Him and raised me well. But in spite of that, I never knew that prayer could be a two way communication. And so prayer for me was just throwing a bunch of requests up at the ceiling and often I felt like they’re bouncing back at me. It was never the the sense, you know, you read the Bible and man, they’re talking to God all the time. So how is it they’re talking to God, but we don’t get to have those conversations? Wasn’t until I was 31 years old and I’m at a marriage retreat when I actually hear the Lord say that he loves me and that just when you hear the Lord speak in a way that it’s, it’s so obvious, you know, and for that, that changed everything for me. And so I wanted my kids to have that same experience, to have that same possibility of connection. And what I found is we just need to create space. We just need to sit with them in the morning. And when I say create space, I’m talking about being quiet and asking a question and not answering the question, but letting Him in the silence show up. And, you know, it’s not something that many of us are probably not good listeners and it’s not something that comes naturally. So at some point, I that’s where I felt like, gosh, people need more help here. I wrote a book just to give you some exercises and space to help you to create space so that you could maybe do it with your kids. And that’s. I don’t know. Having someone to help guide you through a process like that is maybe necessary for a lot of us. And even now I feel like I got to go back and read my own book. I am struggling more than I should be.

Jeff Zaugg [00:20:57] Well, I was reading it this morning, and I know it’s also it’s broken into, you know, bite size. Like I think it is a set up for a month, 30 days, is that right? Yeah. And and part of it is like thinking about the time, which is I can make that time happen for myself, but for my kids focus trying to think about my five year old and me kind of inviting and coaching, hey, ask, let’s just pray like this and just ask a question. Let’s just listen. And see if God puts any thoughts into. Sometimes my five year old say, well, like either I didn’t hear anything or I don’t want like, you ask, I don’t want to ask. Like there’s that kind of area, that place of how do we keep it playful and inviting versus trying to coach with like guiding too strong with our kids.

Seth Barnes [00:21:43] Oh, man, I wish it were easy. I often feel, you know, these days, like, I’ve got to start all over again as a granddad. And it’s not easy for my kids either. And this world is just so set up against silence and set up against any kind of devotional space. So, you know, we’ve had during the last several days some grandkids at our house and they’re just up and they want cereal and they want to go play. And so somehow you’ve got to have thought it all out in your mind and have a plan before you get up. Get your coffee, get your plan. Have told them before, you know, before they go to bed at night. Here’s what we’re going to do in the morning. And it needs those kinds of prompts to make it easy because morning probably is the best time. But also a lot of us aren’t morning people and we’ve got our own issues. And so we we’re probably going to need some help just to get there ourselves.

Jeff Zaugg [00:22:38] Yeah. So going a little further, you prep them, which I already as a tip would be good for my daughters. But then, then what might that time look like? Like what might it look like in the morning? And like roughly how long how would you how would you bring them into that time of trying to listen for their Heavenly Father?

Seth Barnes [00:22:55] So if I’ve been reading the Bible with them and maybe asking some questions now we’re in a mode of kind of going back and forth and they’re engaging, which is nice. Just getting them to verbalize anything is is nice. And then what I used to do is to we have a couch and we all kneel at that couch. That’s the spot. Yeah. And, and I talk to them about this is how it worked for me and it could work that way for you. I give them a little testimony and then I coach them along the way. All right. We’re going to be quiet now and I’m going to ask a question. I want you to just maybe ask that same question and see if God doesn’t speak and we’ll all be quiet. You know, I have to reiterate it and and I don’t know, maybe there might be a minute of silence after a question. Not too long a period of time, then we debrief it. Yeah. And I love it, you know, because all kids have got a conscience. And if we just ask the Lord, Lord, is there anything that I did that would make you your your feelings be hurt? You know, God’s going to speak. It’s funny, the anybody you know, hear anything and sure enough one will pipe up and say, oh, I shouldn’t have pulled Estie’s hair. Yeah, and I’m sorry, God, you know, and that’s just that’s the beginning of a simple conversation. Yeah. And you know what? God wants to be that trusted person who we can turn to. It’s not just a confession of sin, but with our feelings. And it begins in simple, simple sentences.

Jeff Zaugg [00:24:21] Yeah, well, I will link in the show notes your book and as I continue this is going to be a theme is going to keep coming up on the podcast because I want so badly to as a dad, it’s funny, even the way I said that I want so badly, like God wants, he’s giving He’s giving guidance. He’s giving direction. Am I am I receiving? It’s not even it doesn’t require a desperation. He wants I know he wants this for us, but it affects everything if we know the right path as dads and we’re being guided in a two way conversation, it’s a game changer for us.

Seth Barnes [00:24:55] It is. It is. And I’ve I forget how amazing it was for me and my kids, you know, and sometimes now as a granddad don’t see my kids as often. I, I go, did that really happen? You know, but you go back and ask them about it and sometimes just a game changer and to see the persistence of their faith now in their thirties, you know, and to see them imparting it to their kids, lets you know that this was worth it, that it’s it’s something that can last.

Jeff Zaugg [00:25:25] Yeah.

Seth Barnes [00:25:25] Needs to be personal, though.

Jeff Zaugg [00:25:27] So you’re in a season now with your eight grandkids. Your children are now, you know, off in their careers doing their their chasing their own like path. They’re not in your home anymore. How how as you look back. If you could say, man, these are some areas that I’m glad I added focus and maybe are things we’ve already talked about around family on mission or on hearing God’s voice. But is there any any other areas you like that? I’m glad I put focus there because I’m seeing the fruit now on the other side.

Seth Barnes [00:25:57] Just a few things that I’m sure you cover over and over again. So I’m just going to underline the things that all your other podcasters say. You know, I would make time at least an hour every day to when I came home to go play with them. And we were near a playground. And, you know, oftentimes, though, I was really the only dad and my kids, I have five. They’d go running out into the playground. My dad’s coming is here. Let’s go. And you know, all the other kids would come pouring out and I would play these inventive games with and just they loved the sense of spontaneity. So that was that gave me the platform of trust and connection that I could ask other things. And, you know, to take their mom out on a regular date was something I needed to model that they saw. And and then with five kids, so most people are not, you know, don’t have that many kids. But I would try and date them all once a week. I’d take them out for a hot chocolate, just go on a walk, spend time so that they knew that they were special. And on Saturdays we had a bunch of all to get, you know, under age six, we had all five kids under age six. It was crazy. I just needed to give Karen a break and I would take them on Saturday mornings to the beach. We build sandcastles and that kind of thing, you know, kept the wheels on and there were routines. But sometimes you just need some routine so that the other stuff can and fit nothing too expensive, right? Just regular stuff.

Jeff Zaugg [00:27:32] Well, underlining those areas of play, dating your spouse, daddy time extended me to give even a little break for your wife on the Saturdays. And then, and then the the one on ones the dating your kids the one on one time you pair that back to serving with your kids which we already mentioned earlier in the conversation and and hearing God’s voice and teaching your kids like I mean that’s less like six underlines right there of like those those things matter. And I’m not I’m not hoping that every dad listening starts doing all six. Is there one of these that maybe we can just turn the dial of intentionality?

Seth Barnes [00:28:07] I’ll give you one one thing that I didn’t really mention, but it is about intentionality. And it happened more as they were getting older. And that was I really looked for their dreams and I wanted to invest in their dreams, like I’m talking to like a week or so in their dreams. And so my one daughter, Emily, is an actress and she’s still in I mean, she’s a great actress. She starred in movies and and at 15, 16 years old, we sent her away because she so wanted to invest a year of her life in growing her acting skills, sent her to South Africa. And then earlier, she and I, at age 11, had gone out to Hollywood and we, you know, auditioned and stuff. And but I spent a week just went out to go and see her in South Africa and to see how she’s doing. And that meant a lot to her. And I tried to do that with each of my kids in different ways, just to invest in their dreams. And they’re all so different, but to listen for their hearts and to listen for where those hearts might be taking them, and then to let them know that they’re worth that investment.

Jeff Zaugg [00:29:11] Yeah. Well, Seth I’m thankful for this conversation. Thanks for your passion and your perspective. It matters greatly. You said as we were walking down here to start this recording, you mentioned something about that, you are you look you try to look at the have the end in mind that you are you’re focused. Instead, sometimes it’s easy to just be like high vision, high passion. But then the other side, remind what you how you phrased it wasn’t only the end in mind, but you said something about the style of leadership and that you’re do you remember that conversation?

Seth Barnes [00:29:43] Yeah, we’re just talking about you, you mentioned intentionality and I contrasted that with passion and you said, well, is it that dichotomy? And and no, it’s a it’s a different gifting. And you can have both. And for me, I’ve got passion, but I am especially good at intentionality. And and so just wherever you’re gifted, you know, that’s let’s let’s emphasize that and and sure grow in passion as well. But, you know, I do think that young people are so worth the investment and have never been needier. I look at young people these days and there’s so many coming through here and they’re just looking for a dad to affirm them, just a hug. And that’s the other thing, like lots of hugs.

Jeff Zaugg [00:30:27] Hug your kids.

Seth Barnes [00:30:28] Lots of hugs, you, you know, and crazy, crazy games with, my kids, loved to play airplane and loved to play horsey and all that stuff. It’s touch.

Jeff Zaugg [00:30:40] So. I stole your idea. The play idea of for you is, it was a palm tree we talked about in the last episode, the branch. You were dragging your kids around. So in the RV we have some tile floor in a blanket. I was towing them train style and then now they’re towing each other. So I snagged that from you. It’s okay. We’re doing it here in our RV and on your property. So, so thank you again for this time. Would you take a moment and pray over all the dads? Yeah.

Seth Barnes [00:31:04] Yeah. God, it’s hard being a dad. And you invested everything in us and said, you know, care for my kids and care for those kids of mine that are in your family. But also there’s orphans that don’t have dads and there’s widows that don’t have husbands and, you know, be the hands and feet of Jesus to that to them as well. And I thank you for the immense privilege that it is. And I thank you that as inadequate as many of us feel, there’s an answer and there’s encouragement for us. And Lord, I pray that we might find affinity with one another, that at least one other friend who thinks maybe I should grow in my fathering as well, that we might find a way to encourage one another and to just take a simple step to grow, even this week. Thank you for Jeff and his ministry. I pray blessings on it. I know it’s going to be so much wider and its impact in the future and I just pray that you would encourage him in Jesus name. Amen.

Jeff Zaugg [00:32:09] I am so thankful you guys chose to join us today for this conversation with Seth Barnes. Episode 234 The conversation notes, the transcript, links to Seth Barnes and to all of his blog posts, to Adventures in Missions, and World Race are all going to be at dadAWESOME.org/234. You can get all those notes there. Guys, I want to encourage you guys to take a step after today’s conversation, to not just listen, to not just have intention, but to be dads of action. I was challenged when I re-listened to this conversation just around How can I take initiative? How can I set up opportunities as simple as a local park or trail to pick up some trash? As simple as that. Maybe invite one on one with a child to go do that or another family to come join us. So I’m challenged. I’m going to lean in. I’m going to take action. Guys, thank you for choosing to be dadAWESOME. Let’s go add some LIFE to the dad life this week.