208 | Switching Roles, Showing Emotions & Refusing to Quit (Matt Anderson)

"I think we all grew up in an environment. We all grew up with a certain perspective. And if we're not intentional, we just repeat so many rhythms of our past, including the painful pieces that can can really hurt kids over time"

207 | Stop Worrying & Start 2022 with Worship (Jeff Zaugg)

I pray that we would start the year 2022 with a posture of worship versus a posture of worry, a posture of trusting God versus a posture of struggle and trying to do it on her own. A posture of God's bigness. He is so much bigger and we need to keep that perspective of he knows best. His ways are bigger and wider and deeper and strong. Guys, we have a limited perspective. Let's choose to worship versus worry.

206 | Gentleness, Humility & Unforced Rhythms (Matt Fogle)

"it's going to take intentionality and it's going to take you guarding your heart above all else. For from it flows living water. And this is meant to be an overflow journey, not one of scarcity, but one where you are being filled up daily to be poured out like a reservoir to fill your kids up and your wife and you can do it. And it's an invitation piece. It's not... God's not going to ever make you do this. You've got to take him up on his invitation."

205 | Three Fatherhood Insights From Joseph

We need these three things these fatherhood principles the pause, the consideration, and we need guidance. We need to follow that guidance, not follow our own insights and strategies, especially when devastation. Don't trust your own. I don't want to trust my own insights and guidance when when it when it when loss or a change of plans caused me to be emotionally reactive. I want to pause. I want to consider and I want to follow God's will lead God's guidance.

204 | Measuring Legacy, Exploring Anger & Breaking Generational Patterns (Zack Curry)

Don't run away from it. Dive into that because in it, your pain, your weakness actually...Paul said that his power is made perfect and our weakness

203 | My Dad Was The Loudest (Simon Osamoh)

"My son knows because he can always hear me. What he remembers about his games is that my dad was the loudest. My dad was shouting, and it's intentional. The reason why I do that, I scream over every other father there because I want Mason to remember when I'm no longer there. His memory would be, You know what? My dad was the loudest... My dad was the loudest person at my game, and that's the memory, because that's what I never had."

202 | The 6 Pillars of Intimacy | PART 2 (Tony DiLorenzo)

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201| The 6 Pillars of Intimacy | PART 1 (Tony DiLorenzo)

It was not all rainbows and unicorns. We didn't know how to be married. We didn't know how to communicate with each other. We didn't know how to make our relationship a priority. We didn't know how to juggle being parents and being spouses. We didn't know to be each other's lover and truly in those moments with one another. We still don't know. We're still learning and growing.

200 | Belly Laughter, Feeling Stuck & Sailboat Fatherhood (Jeff Zaugg)

"When we're feeling stuck, think sailboat, not speedboat. What if the wind is just not blowing? What if this is the time to learn and to be humble and to say, what can I take away from this versus a pointing at all the things that are wrong? What can I experience now that will help me be the dad that my kids need me to be?"

199 | You Need To Dance (Wayne Francis)

"I think that all of us, as men have to put something in our calendar that scares the living daylights out of us"

198 | Speaking Blessings, Hearing God’s Voice & Exposing our Kids to Missions (Seth Barnes)

There's greatness in you. There's amazing potential in you that you probably have not tapped and that God wants to tap. And he often uses our weaknesses. And that's where we're, you know, his strength shines through our weaknesses.

197 | Stopping the Generational Pass Down of Trauma (Chris Bruno PART 2)

Trauma passes down through generations until someone has the courage to feel it. It's going to continue to pass down through generations until someone has the courage to feel it and to face it into and to process it. Let us be those dads.

196 | Your Story, Deep Brotherhood & Types of Trauma (Chris Bruno PART 1)

We are our best father when we have our best brothers with us. And so we need those guys and those are the guys that you came in and went rafting with, you know, with me... Those are those guys in my life and we need our brothers. But then also sometimes we need someone else who's on the outside who's got some training is a professional in some ways to come along side to create a safe space for a child to unfold.

195 | Tim Olson PART 2 – Abandonment, Identity, and Tools to Speak Life to Our Kids

How we deal with the hurt and wounds of our own father's failures, determines our ability to be good fathers and mothers to our own children.


Live simply so that others may simply live.... To inspire people to find their own adventure in life, something that will bring them joy while bringing others joy as well.

192 | What You Must Teach Your Daughter Before She Turns 16 (Jackie Bledsoe)

So know that if you're in a hard season right now, just keep the course, stay the course, stay. ...do not grow weary in well doing. But at the proper time You receive a harvest if you do not give up. So that's the word that I give to you dads as well. It can be tough right now, but keep doing things that you know are going to lead to the end that you want in your marriage and your fatherhood and your business, whatever it is, and trust that that harvest will come at some point.

191 | Resilience, Empowerment & a Measurement of a Good Father (Ken Castor)

The measurement of a good father is not based upon the behavior and outcome of the children. The measurement of the good father is, does he reflect God, the father, and the character and the heart that all of his children would be in relationship with him at home."

190 | Heart of a Warrior with Dr. Greg Bourgond

Living intentionally in the same direction over an extended period of time will have a greater impact on your children than anything you could possibly say.